Actuators and Control System

Tadbir Tejarat operates as a supplier of a comprehensive range of valve actuators for valve sizes up to 60″ Serving a wide range of industries. Our extensive portfolio of actuators includes:

  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Quarter Turn (Scotch-yoke)
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Linear (Piston)
  • Gas Over Oil
  • Direct Gas
  • Electric
  • Subsea
  • Electro Hydraulic

The selection of the most suitable actuator is determined by the duty cycle of the valve and the available power source. Tadbir Tejarat engineers will select and size the actuator based on the required torque and safety factor, seat type and numerous other factors are also analyzed and entered into actuator sizing software. We will analyze process fluid type, required operating speed, fail safe requirements, area classification, temperature and environment. Finally we will discuss with you ease of field use, maintenance, gear over-rides, positioners, solenoids etc. to come up with a valve actuation package that ensures the best balance of reliability, ease of maintenance and cost effectiveness. In-house torque testing capability provides assurance of correct sizing.

Although valve actuators obviously form a significant part of any valve automation package, at Tadbir Tejarat we never forget that they are fully dependent on their associated control systems for reliable and effective valve control. By building close working relationships with our customers, we fully understand their operational requirements and concerns, and provide robust and reliable bespoke control systems to satisfy them using the latest proven and cost effective technologies.

We provide control systems to meet any operational requirements with common ones including:

  • On/off production and process control
  • Emergency Shutdown (ESD)
  • High Integrity Process Protection System (HIPPS)
  • Partial valve stroke testing (PST)
  • Positional and proportional control
  • Linebreak detection (LBV)