Instrumentation Package Supply 

Instrumentation plays a vital role in ensuring hassle free plant operations and safety of plant, personnel & equipment. Safety systems are only as good as the instrumentation package installed and effective integration between safety system and instrumentation package is a vital link for safe and efficient operations. An efficient installation and integration of instrumentation can prevent possible hazards while an inefficient one can lead to vice versa. Oil & gas companies are on the lookout for partners who can help them overcome their dilemma.

Tadbir Tejarat offers a lump sum turnkey solution (LSTK) in the form of Instrumentation package supply where we take the responsibility of the complete instrumentation and safety project. We utilize our over 2,000 engineering man-years of experience to ensure the perfect integration between safety systems and instrumentation. While taking up the LSTK project we remove any concerns related to dealing and coordinating between multiple vendors. While choosing our Instrumentation Package Supply project managers are assured of timely project completion and hassle free integration while INTECH acts as their “One-Stop Shop” to all their automation needs.

We supply following instrumentation types:

  • Automation and Control
  • Flow Instrumentation
  • Instrumentation and Tools
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Marine and Subsea Equipment
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Offshore Instrumentation
  • Process and Control Equipment
  • Wire line & Downhole Instruments