Manual and Process Valves

Tadbir Tejarat has focused on esteemed manufacturer and sales of automated and manually operated quarter turn valves.

Over the years Tadbir Tejarat has acquired several sales to major Oil and Engineering companies, becoming one of the leaders in the Valve industry.

Tadbir Tejarat is not only known for manually operated valves but also offers Control valves , Ball Valves, safety valves, globe valves, eccentric plug valves ,shut off valves and high performance butterfly control valve, high integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS ) from the largest manufactures.

Whether it’s upstream, midstream and downstream processes, Tadbir Tejarat offers a complete range of valves, controls, and automation solutions that are ideally suited for extreme pressures and temperatures in severe services that demand high integrity, zero-leakage performance, isolation, pressure protection, emergency shutdown, and low-pressure storage vessels, tanks, and pipelines.