Electrical equipment

Electrical Switch Gear and MCC Package Supply

Electrical Power management and motor control play a critical role in plant operations. Oil & gas operators look for solutions that are reliable with maximum operational life to reduce downtime and unscheduled shutdowns. They require solutions incorporating a spectrum of technologies from electro-mechanical motor starters to PLCs and variable speed drives for motor control that best fit their needs irrespective of the motor vendor.

Electrical Switchgear and MCC Package supply from Tadbir Tejarat fulfill all aforementioned needs. We offer you a complete turnkey solution where Tadbir Tejarat manages not just the design and installation of required electrical systems but also offers the construction management services to overcome your issues of project delays, vendor management and cost over runs. Our vast oil & gas domain knowledge coupled with technical expertise and strategic supply chain ensures that you get a best fit solution with a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Electrical System Engineering & Design Service

With Electrical System Engineering and Design services Tadbir Tejarat fulfills its promise of being a ~ “One-Stop Shop” ~. Companies are concerned at the planning stage about the requirements of Power and Electrical Systems. They are also looking at the right load management systems that will share power loads to minimize unscheduled plant shutdowns.  With our system integrator experience and automation knowledgebase developed through projects completed across the globe we help oil & gas companies in understanding which systems are best suitable for either plant upgrades or new installations.

Tadbir Tejarat’s Electrical System Engineering and Design Services are targeted towards projects where companies are searching for ideal Electrical Systems that seamlessly integrate with Control systems (existing or planned to be installed. Our prior knowledge helps to better understand the systems and any bottlenecks of deficiencies which may exist in the system. Using this we help our customers doing FEED studies and detailed engineering and design for Electrical systems for both green and brown field projects.

Electrical Startup & Commissioning Services

With multi-vendor systems and products installed at their facilities oil & gas companies find it difficult to find partners with the right set of expertise to assist in the startup & commissioning for Electrical systems; your electrical system provider might be an expert at his equipment but that will not help you get a perfect integration with other control systems resulting in inefficiency which can even lead to unscheduled and prolonged downtimes.

Tadbir Tejarat’s multivendor experience will help you overcome any glitches which may arise during the startup and Commissioning of electrical systems. Our over 1,000 engineering man-years of project experience around the globe has allowed us to develop and expertise in understanding different systems and their integration. This puts us in the ideal position to assist you while dealing with multi-vendor system startups. The icing on the cake is our project management experience which helps us overcome any project lags or coordination issues.