We are committed to delivering the highest Quality Engineering Services in parallel to the Qualified products. Tadbir Tejarat Engineering Services help you to ensure your Process Unit will meet the feed, products and optimized by operating conditions as well as Integrity with the whole Plant.

Our design specifications founded on process simulations backed up by vast R&D expertise, and are continually updated based on field data.

We design new Adsorption Process units, optimize and revamp the existing ones with revamp studies ranging from scoping studies, feasibility studies, and engineering design.

The following   Engineering Services are provided by us for Adsorption Process Units:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Conceptual and Basic Design
  • HAZOP Studies
  • Procurement Engineering Services
  • Technical Assistance for Loading / Unloading
  • Technical Assistance for Performance Test / Start-up
  • Modification, Optimization and Revamping of the under operation Units / Facilities
  • Consultation and Troubleshooting of the Units / Facilities
  • Training for Engineering and Operational Personnel

In addition to the above, Tadbir Tejarat Engineering Services are extended to Evaluation and Consultation for Replacement of the Catalysts & Chemicals with the New Reputable International Brands.


Basic engineering

In this stage the goal is maximum overall performance/ cost ratio.

Basic engineering and process design of the utility and offsite facilities are generally performed in-house at Tadbir Tejarat. For the process units, Tadbir Tejarat performs the extension of basic engineering and develops process design package, using the know-how supplied by client/licensor and the use of proven design techniques, comprising the following:

  • Process configuration and Specifications
  • Process and utilities Flow Diagrams with energy and mass balance and operating conditions
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Equipment and Piping Schedules
  • Instrument Data Sheets
  • Catalyst, Chemicals and Effluent Specifications
  • Preliminary Plot Plans
  • Operating Instructions

Detail engineering

During detail engineering process the goal is most functional process and cost- effective construction

after basic engineering, the subsequent stage of detail design and engineering of the project is performed in the respective engineering departments under responsibility of the lead engineers assigned to the project with consideration of following policies.

  • Design constructability
  • Proper construction and process documentation
  • Economical procurement of materials
  • Work package requisitions for on- time construction