Tadbir Tejarat supplies compressor parts for the Petrochemical and Gas industries. Compressors in this field have to fulfil extraordinary requirements to guarantee stability and safety even under extreme conditions meaning high pressure and temperature as well as aggressive chemicals. Air compressors need to be able to compress massive amounts of air. For this performance the highest quality in every single part is unavoidably necessary. Our choice of compressor parts makes it unproblematic to find the right ones our customer need.

We supply different types of air and oil compressors and their spare parts

  •  Centrifugal/ Axial Compressors
  •  Reciprocating Compressors
  • Screw Compressors
  • Liquid Ring Type Compressors
  •  Lobe Compressors

The main brands we supply Atlas Copco, Axflow, Clyde pumps limited, Flowserve, Ingersol Rand, Siemens, Howden Thomassen, Man Diesel & Turbo , Simco etc.