Company Profile

Tadbir Tejarat EP Contractor is an Engineering and Procurement Company. It was founded in 2010 by a group of bright professionals with extensive knowledge of project execution in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water and Energy Sectors. Tadbir Tejarat EP Contractor Company covers a variety of projects over a number of industries. It offers its clients a comprehensive line of project services from Planning to Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning under a system of total responsibility.

Our organization is currently able to provide solutions and packages for the industrial sector, with special reference to Oil & Gas and Water Treatment sectors, giving a continuous and complete assistance to the Customers, starting from the process definition, study of the system, construction and up to the start-up.

Tadbir Tejarat has been purpose built to provide a fully equipped engineering and commercial facilities to service the worldwide and specially Iranian Oil and Gas Utility and Industrial sectors. With having this background and being equipped with a perfect view of wouldwide and Iranian market, Execute projects and the competition between different Brands, it leads TADBIR TEJARAT Company to continue his projects by supplying high-quality industrial products and services to our customers.