Electric Motors and drives

Tadbir Tejarat offers high quality electric motor and related parts/equipment solutions from professional worldwide manufacturing partners.

Our solutions save you time and money through innovated electric motor products we can supply from worldwide factory partners. Whether you are a company’s Buyer, Out-Sourcing Manager, Engineer, Technician Production Manager or the Marketing/Product Manager, our goal is to provide the best value motor and equipment products to meet your needs.

Tadbir Tejarat has built an extensive (and growing) network of 1st class manufacturing partners offering motor products including but not limited to:

  • High Voltage and low voltage machines
  • AC and DC brushless motors (BLDC)
  • AC and DC ECM motors (brushless motor (BLDC) with integral power supply)
  • Brushless controller/drives
  • DC brushed permanent magnet type motors (PMDC)
  • DC brushed field wound magnet type motor
  • AC/DC motor controls and drives, PWM and SCR
  • AC motors – induction & synchronous, 1 & 3 phase
  • AC shaded pole or PSC motors
  • AC capacitor start motors
  • Universal motor
  • AC motor controls and drives
  • Gear motors, in-line and right angle
  • Stepper motors
  • Vacuum cleaner motors
  • Motor parts sets (armatures or frames)
  • Linear actuators
  • PM synchronous gear
  • Custom built motors
  • Speed reducers
  • Centrifugal electric fans and blowers
  • Flexible shaft couplers
  • Custom gearing (spur, bevel, miter helical etc., in plastic/nylon and metal with Metric and American standard cut)