Fire & Gas

A fire incident is the worst nightmare for any oil & gas operating company; F&G detection systems are deployed to continuously monitor plant activity and in case of hazardous conditions initiate appropriate actions. These systems need to work from the detection of hazardous gases up to a proper plant shutdown. These systems are critical to plant safety and their efficiency and reliability is of utmost concern not only to plant operators but also to environmental & business insurance authorities. These systems require a high level of expertise and detailed design and integration to perform effectively.

Tadbir Tejarat with over 2000 man-years of engineering experience in the field of automation is the partner to bank on. Tadbir Tejarat offers quality SIL3 compliant F&G systems that are reliable, effective and cost efficient solution customized as per your requirements. Our oil & gas industry focus enables us to deliver F&G solutions that are industry standard compliant, give you and your insurer peace of mind, makes your assets and people safe, safe guard against worst case scenario but do not interfere in normal operations by generating false alarms; in short they are best suited for your needs.