Safety Valves

Protecting vital equipment and material from the risks caused by pressure changes is a fundamental requirement for many industries. Tadbir Tejarat offers spring-loaded and pilot-operated safety valves for all industrial applications according to PED, ASME Sec. VIII and ASME Sec. I as well as application based solutions for special requirements. Our pressure protection safety systems portfolio includes:

Safety Valves

  • Spring Loaded
  • Pilot Operated
  • Non Api Pressure Safety Relief Valves

Pressure Reducing and Regulating Valves

  • Pilot Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Changeover Valves

Pressure & Flame Protection Valves

We offer a comprehensive range of pressure & Flame protection valves including Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves, Pilot Operated Relief Valves, Tank Blanketing Valves, Emergency Vent Valves and Flame and Detonation Arresters (in-line and end-of-line) which are recognized as the industry standard in safety and protection. These products are installed on storage tanks to control evaporation and fugitive emission losses that result from flammable and hazardous petroleum vapor-producing products and help to prevent damage to the tank and also prevent the tanks contents from escaping, ensuring the safety of personnel and the surrounding environment.