Filters and Strainers

Tadbir Tejarat is a leader in supply of specific filters and automatic filtration systems for the treatment of liquids and compressed gases in oil and gas plants, offshore platforms and FPSOs.

  • IN-LINE basket Filters
  • Offset basket Filters
  • Angle basket Filters
  • Forged basket Filters
  • Cast steel basket Filters
  • Duplex basket Filters
  • Self-cleaning Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • High pressure drop basket Filters
  • Special basket Filters
  • Activated carbon Filters

Our Services include but are not limited to:

Filtration for offshore installations and FPSOs

  • Automatic backwashing filters for seawater and cooling water
  • Filters for drilling operations and completion fluids
  • Water injection filters and units.
  • Coalescer packs and cartridges to separate water from natural gas
  • Compressed gas filters (nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, fuel gas, diesel oil) and utilities for field development
  • Filters for water to clean and check the integrity of piping and pipelines
  • High-pressure filters for the injection of chemicals


Filter elements are provided with:

  • PES and nylon membranes for liquid filtration
  • PTFE membranes for air and gas filtration
  • Filter elements made with borosilicate fibres to retain colloidal particles
  • Cartridges made of pleated multiple polypropylene or polyester layers
  • High surface elements up to 10m² to filter highly contaminated fluids
  • Mini-cartridges and flat membranes for laboratory service
  • Pleated regenerable metal filters for high-pressure or high-temperature applications

Treatment of compressed air and gas

Compressed air and gas filters include:

  • Fuel gas filters for gas turbines
  • Coalescer filters to separate oil and water and light condensate hydrocarbons droplets from the main gas stream
  • Filter separators to protect gas compressor stations
  • Filters for vacuum pumps
  • Oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen filters
  • Filters for the protection of sensitive instrumentation
  • Activated carbon filters to retain acid particles and adsorb acid off-gas
  • Coalescer filters and particulate filters for gas dehydration unit protection

Industrial filters and processes

Process filters equipment and packages include:

  • DUOMATIC: automatic filtration systems for hydrocarbons feedstock
  • FILTROMATIC: automatic backwashing filters for water and seawater
  • PROMATIC: automatic filtration systems with backwash gas assistance for heavy and dirty hydrocarbon feedstock and biodiesel oil clarification
  • Filters to regenerate washing water
  • Amine purification systems
  • Activated carbon filters to retain acid organic sub-products
  • Coalescer filters for hydrocarbon fuels to separate residual water
  • Systems for high-pressure and temperature gases